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Data Analytics

Introduction To Data Analytics Certificate 

Unlock Your Potential & Power Your Career! 

Six-week virtual course  |  Wednesdays from 2 - 4 p.m.

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Establish a Foundation

Learn the history , core terms and definitions to establish a robust understanding and applicationof data analytics. Gain insights on what data analytics is and why it matters.

Develop Skills

Build in-demand industry skills to complete the certificate program, ready to apply your knowledge in the professional world. Hands on experiences will be utilized throughout the program to develop skills.

Apply Knowledge

Use case studies and industry specific examples to apply knowledge for more effective marketing, expanded revenue opportunities, improved efficiency and other competitive advantages.

Contact Mallory Tuttle for more information.

Course Modules

Module 1. Introduction to Data Analytics and Descriptive Statistics 

Module 2. Predictive Analytics Using Classification Algorithms

Module 3. Predictive Analytics Using Regression

Module 4. Clustering, Machine Learning & Blockchain

Module 5. Industry Perspective on Data Analytics, the ETL Process, and Ethics

Module 6. Visualization Theory and Application